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Redneck Mason Jar candle
13oz - 100hr burn
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These wonderful highly scented "Redneck" Mason Jar candles are made in the USA by the Our Own Candle Company. They available in a multitude of fragrances, all colour matched to the fragrance.

These strongly scented candles will give you 100 hours of burn time....I have burned and scrutinised them myself and love them!

 Each "redneck" mason jar comes to you filled with 13oz of specially blended soy/parrafin wax, providing you with a perfect burn every time.

A perfect medium price range candle and makes for an ideal gift!....

Fragrance Descriptions:-

Apple Strudel- Mmmm the sweet smell of a freshly baked apple strudel. Apple , mouth-watering buttery pasty, cinnamon and vanilla...yum!

Apple Pie Cinnamon and Vanilla- This triple layer candle contains the great bakehouse scents of Hot Apple Pie, Cinnamon and Vanilla. Attractive tri-colour candle.

Baby Powder- Awesome...just like fresh talcum powder.

Banana Nut Bread- No description warranted for this one!..smells exactly like freshly baked banana bread.

Back Raspberry & Vanilla- A vert sweet and juicy aroma that pairs black raspberries with sweet creamy vanilla.

Buttercream- The aroma of this candle is warm, hearty and sure to as strong as any other buttercream candle you will find out there!

Caramel Pecan- A rich and inviting fragrance that will whisk you back to days of your childhood and grandmas Caramel Pecan pie!

Country Pancakes & Syrup- Smells exactly like freshly flipped pancakes and syrup...a real mouth waterer!

French Vanilla- Smells like the most indulgent french pastry combined with creamy sweet vanilla...just right. This one is a favourite.

Fresh Linen- Imagine the fragrance of freshly laundered sheets!

Gingerbread- An old favourite... the fragrance of sweet and spicy gingerbread just from the oven.

 Ginger Peach- Perfect for summer! This candle is refreshingly sweet, yet hearty and is reminiscent of a fresh peach right off the tree.

Grandma's Kitchen- A wonderfull blend of all the bakehouse spices you would find in your grandmas kitchen. A true country favourite!

Homemade Sugar Cookies- Sweet and a little bit spicy! This candle smells like you have been baking all day. A great one for the sweet tooth!

Hot Apple Pie- Mouthwatering hot apple pie...smells like you just baked it!

Hot Buns Cinnamon- You can just smell the creamy, gooey icing on a hot cinnamon bun- makes you want to run out and get some!

Lemon Pound Cake - Like a warm lemon pound cake just popped fresh out of the oven!

Milk and Honey- Warming tones of hot milk and creamy honey.

Mulberry-  Sweet mulberries plucked straight from the vine.

Mulled Cider- Extremely Festive and perfect for the time of year when the leaves are changing colour. Spicy cinnamon overtones round out this amazing smell of fresh apples.

Pina Colada- "If you like pina colada. getiing caught in the rain...." Amazingly relaxing coconut notes with a hint of fruity pineapple...yumm!

Pineapple Upside Down Cake- An old favourite- wonderful baked cake scent!

Pumpkin Spice- A warm and inviting candle combining the scents of pumpkin, cnnamon and gingerbread.

Raspberry Cupcake- The sweet smell of raspberries baked into acreamy buttery sweet cupcake...mmmm


Raspberry Lemonade- Pop open a bottle of raspberry soda!

Root Beer Float- Smells just like it sounds and looks amazing too. A rich, intoxicating aroma with sharp spiked notes of cinnamon all in an attractive dual coloured candle.

Smell My Nuts- Another tr-colour, triple scented candle. Banana Nutbread, Coconut and Hazelnut make this a truely outstanding combination of scents.

 Tuscan Vinyeard- This strong grape scent will have you feeling like you are visiting a winery! A mouthwatering sweet grape fragrance.

Very Berry- (triple layer candle) The sweet rich smell of triple berries...strawberry, grape and Raspberry.


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